EPA puts automakers on notice, while firings start at Volkswagen

A week ago the automotive world was put into turmoil over news that Volkswagen had, allegedly, committed widespread fraud with their emissions test results.  Specific Volkswagen and Audi vehicles were emitting lots more pollution than allowed, while their EPA emissions ratings garnered praise and government subsidies by supposedly being the cleanest Diesel vehicles…

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Speeches from the 116th Annual Nissan General Shareholders Meeting from CCO Hiroto Saikawa and CEO Carlos Ghosn

Retrieved from: http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/speeches-from-the-116th-annual-general-shareholders-meeting-from-cco-hiroto-saikawa-and-ceo-carlos-ghosn Of importance is a section towards the end in which Carlos Ghosn discusses the two Leaf’s on the stage.  One demonstrates the self-driving features which Nissan is developing.  The other Ghosn describes as having range similar to gasoline powered vehicles.  That implies 300+ miles.  A video was shown…

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Tesla Motors nearly died in 2013, sought Google buyout

Tesla Model S

Back in early 2013 it seems that Tesla Motors was so close to bankruptcy that Elon Musk and Google’s Larry Page had discussed Google buying out Tesla.  Even though Page agreed to the deal and even shook hands on it, the deal reportedly fell through because of Musks demands —…

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