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We’re being told the climate is heating up and that we’ll all fry, sea level will rise, and other major cataclysmic changes will happen to the world around us.  We’re also being told our cars (and other transportation) is a large part of the problem, and that we must switch to cleaner cars and transportation choices.  If we don’t, the planet is toast and our grandchildren won’t have a place to live.  Those may sound like extreme statements, and while I did play it up a bit, the actual predictions from climate scientists are dire.  The question is, how can we as individuals make effective changes and collectively change enough of the transportation system to avert these problems?

Electric vehicle charging station guide

OR: What’s the best car/transportation choice for us that can save the climate, ensure our grandchildren have a place to live, while not breaking our pocketbook?

The Long Tailpipe is all about a realistic look at the truth of our collective situation, the consequences of our collective actions, and what we can do differently.

While the problems are collective in nature, the collective-problem-matrix is constructed from our individual actions.  Meaning that as we and our neighbors change our ways the collective results will change.

J1772 extension cords

Electric Cars, Plug-in Hybrids, and other clean cars

Vehicle Information Resources: These sites list available vehicles, with specifications and other information to help select between them:

Charging, Charging Networks and Applications: Electric and plug-in hybrid cars need to be plugged in to electricity to refuel.  While the action is similar to refueling gasoline cars, it’s different enough to require learning new skills.

Understanding electricity as a fuel

Car-Free Living, Mass Transit, Car Sharing


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