Toyota showing the future of automated driving in Michigan

All the car companies are working on what’s called Intelligent Transportation Systems, that will lead to self-driving cars over the due course of time.  Today, Toyota announced the fourth annual Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar (TASS), convened in Ann Arbor, Michigan ahead of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress next…

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Ford shows more automated driving technology at LA Auto Show

By now we were supposed to have flying cars, right?  Maybe that will never happen but one prediction of the future is beginning to become true – self-driving cars.  When fully implemented self-driving cars MIGHT be a big positive win for green transportation.  Today, Ford announced a big step towards…

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Tesla Motors looking to hire more autonomous driving expertise

Tesla Model S

In early August I noticed a job listing on Tesla’s Careers area looking for RADAR expertise in the kind of systems (LIDAR etc) used in autonomous vehicles. Now the company is flat out looking for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Controls Engineer to develop fully autonomous driving. I’ve written up…

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