EPA/CARB accuses VW, Audi, cheated on emissions regulations

Before the VW Group follows through on their promise of electric car leadership by 2018, VW has to face an EPA and California investigation over evasion of emissions laws.  Within minutes of publishing my previous piece saying the VW Group may be in the opening stanza’s of an electric vehicle symphony,…

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Tesla Model S named Automobile of the Year by Automobile Magazine

Tesla Model S, Roadster

Start-up automaker Tesla Motors has won a prestigious award for the company’s first self-designed self-manufactured electric car, the Tesla Model S. One of America’s top automobile magazines, er Automobile Magazine, has awarded it’s top honor, Automobile of the Year 2013, to a brand new electric car, the Tesla Model S.…

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Why did A123 Systems go to bankruptcy? The naysayers are WRONG

Today A123 Systems announced a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sale of the company’s automotive business assets to Johnson Control.  This is the beginning of the end for the company that was formerly the darling of the green technology hype machine.  The company has developed some amazing battery technology, but ran…

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