David Herron is a writer and software engineer living in Silicon Valley. He primarily writes about electric vehicles, clean energy systems, climate change, peak oil and related issues. When not writing he indulges in software projects and is sometimes employed as a software engineer. David has written for sites like PlugInCars and TorqueNews, and worked for companies like Sun Microsystems and Yahoo.

Obama to veto Keystone XL approval, Boehner issues bogus press release, while the Cape Wind project flops

Now that Republicans have majorities in both houses of Congress, they’re planning to ramrod some extremist so-called-Conservative legislation that undermines all sorts of useful things, primarily in clean technology or environmental protection.  A case in point is approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project that environmental groups like 350.org have…

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US failed policies in Iraq War created today’s Islamic State – making the anti-IS “war” a phase of the global Oil War

The Islamic State is an egregiously violent movement that’s looking to overthrow governments in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and elsewhere.  It’s a Sunni dominated version of Islamic governance that’s proven itself quite willing to commit genocidal acts.  But is the U.S. at all responsible for its creation or did the Islamic…

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