David Herron is a writer and software engineer living in Silicon Valley. He primarily writes about electric vehicles, clean energy systems, climate change, peak oil and related issues. When not writing he indulges in software projects and is sometimes employed as a software engineer. David has written for sites like PlugInCars and TorqueNews, and worked for companies like Sun Microsystems and Yahoo.

A Dirty Little Footnote to the Energy Bill

A Dirty Little Footnote to the Energy Bill ( By ALEXEI BARRIONUEVO, Published: April 15, 2005, NYTIMES.COM) This article concerns itself with a gasoline additive, methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). The additive is the subject of a lot of support in Congress, partly because it is made from methanol, derived…

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Geeks with solar power

Here’s what happens when a couple geeks install a large solar panel array. They set up a web site to describe the details, including graphs of power utilization. http://www.solarwarrior.com/ My only question is – why do two people need a 36 kw array? The answer probably has to do with…

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