Why did the USA invade Afghanistan after 9/11? It’s the Oil Stupid

The movie Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore famously laid the blame of invading Afghanistan on an oil pipeline plan pushed for by Unocal.  The problem with that picture is that Unocal is currently owned by the Venezuelan’s.  However, there were a large pile of contracts related to oil and natural gas in the Caspian basin, where The West wanted to (NEEDED TO) get that oil to “The Ocean” and a pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan was the preferred route.  Additionally, such a route would feed natural gas to some electricity plants in Pakistan, that happened to be owned by American companies, and that needed inexpensive gas to become profitable.

The question is here – Was the invasion of Afghanistan done to enable building such a pipeline ???   If so, would you call it anything other than “Financial Terrorism”?  That is, war being waged for financial purposes?


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