Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage from RT News in March 2015

This report by RT News looks into how ISIS .. a.k.a. Da-esh .. came into existence.  Their portrayal is incomplete – they describe ISIS as having come out of nowhere, when in reality it was an outgrowth of the power vacuum created in Iraq by the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the toppling of that government.  In any case the coverage has a lot of good information, such as the funding of ISIS through having captured oil fields.  ISIS got its armaments when Free Syrian Army elements switched allegiance to ISIS bringing along the weapons they’d been given.

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Another aspect of the problem is the Sunni-Shia divide in Islam that dates back 1500+ years.  The Iraq government is now Shia dominated, but ISIS is Sunni-dominated.

The whole thing of US intervention in Iraq was based on fallacies:

  1. Iraq harboring al Qaeda — FALSE
  2. Iraq building up chemical/biological weapons stocks — FALSE — the only such weapons we found in Iraq was the stuff we ourselves sold to Iraq in 1980 for their fight against Iran



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