Naomi Klein & Jeremy Corbin @ COP21: The agreement being forged dooms us to 3-4 degrees hotter world

The fossil fuel companies are scrambling to maximize the number of profitable quarters before real fossil fuel cutbacks are enacted.

Activists plan to hold “an action” during the final event to approve the COP21 agreement, because it’s felt the agreement will cross some “red lines” leading to an unsustainably hotter climate.

Naomi Klein … There’s money to fund the required changes.  Germany is an example of what can be done.  The money?  We live in an era of unprecedented private wealth, and unprecedented austerity for governments.  (implied: get the rich people to pay …)

Change or fix the capitalist system?  The “more and more” ideology of the current system is at the heart of the problem.   Fixing that ideology to create a new economic system based on different ideology is required.  The resulting system shouldn’t be called “Capitalism”.

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What does the Post Carbon Economy look like?  How can we lower emissions, while creating huge numbers of well-paying jobs, while fighting racial and gender inequality?   What does the resulting system look like?   What are the policies that enable these results?

Jeremy Corbyn … If humans suck their planet dry, there will be no choice but to fight.   Above all if climate change is not addressed, the primary suffering will be wars.

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