Climate change: How worried should you be? – the view from India at COP21 talks in Paris

This program on India TV (NDTV) goes over the risk of Climate Change – aired in the middle of the COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris.

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India feels they’re being unfairly blamed for blocking climate change progress.  India emits a large amount of “Carbon” but if you amortize it over India’s population the amount of “Carbon” per capita is very low.

There is a strong effort to move the responsibility for change from countries like U.S.A. to countries like India.

America’s response is to switch from Coal to Natural Gas, which is still a fossil fuel and therefore still causes a problem.

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It’s in everyone’s best interest for the “Developing World” to develop — in the way which makes the best sense for the global environment.  That suggests a necessity to transfer technology and expertise so those countries can jump directly to clean energy technologies.


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