CHAdeMO for DIY EV: Fastcharging an Oldtimer DIY EV Conversion REBBL VW T2 at Fastned

This guy in Holland did what I’d wanted to do last year, add a CHAdeMO port to his DIY conversion EV.  We see here a VW Bus (I had a Karmann Ghia) that’s been converted to electric drive (as has been done with many other VW bus’s).  Working with the Orion BMS guys he added CHAdeMO support.  In this video he takes it to a Fastned station and gets about a 30 kw charge rate.

Electric vehicle charging station guide


More info on the VW bus:

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  1. Neat to see on the close-up view of the charger that it’s one from ABB. I was just at ABB in Milwaukee the other day, taking a look at their Chademo charger while out on my electric motorcycle. I couldn’t charge there, but it sure would be cool at add Chademo to a motorcycle.

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