An excellent wooden bicycle bridge in Netherlands evokes sailing ships of the Zuiderzee

To cross a motorway the municipality of Harderwijk has built a wooden bicycle overpass.  This video shows clearly the bicycle overpass safely crosses a major highway, serves not only bicyclists but pedestrians, and is part of a larger system of bicycle/pedestrian paths in the region.

Harderwijk is a few miles east of Amsterdam on the Veluwemeer River.  According to a blog post about this bicycle bridge, it is part of the regional Zuiderzee Cycle Route and connects a segment which hadn’t been well served because the A28 highway was in the way.

The bridge design has two pylons, with cables designed to evoke the sailing ships that had formerly docked in the nearby Zuiderzee.

This sort of cycle/pedestrian path creates a huge amount of safety for both bicyclists and pedestrians.  In areas where bicyclists cross highways on surface streets, the bicycle accident rate is much higher.  Cars are entering/exiting the highway at high speed, making it difficult for both car drivers and bicyclists to share the road safely.

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