Learn Range Confidence – drive far on electricity

Coming soon is a new book aiming to help electric car owners rise above the limits that would be imposed by Range Anxiety.  By learning Range Confidence we can drive further on electricity, using our electric car to its fullest rather than having to resort to gasoline.

Electric vehicle charging station guide

Many voices want us to believe that electric cars are limited, and the only cure for those limits is gasoline.  In truth electricity is everywhere and with careful choices one can travel pretty much everywhere on electricity.  Of course not all trips will be doable on electricity because at this time (December 2015) the charging networks aren’t sufficiently built to do so.  As electric cars become more popular, the charging networks will be built out, letting us put these worries behind us – just as happened a hundred years ago with the spread of gasoline stations.

This book is currently being written, and draws heavily on content already present on this site.  The current outline is:

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