Comparison Study Of 25kw Vs 50kw DC Fast Charge

This slide deck compares the relative performance of 25 kiloWatt and 50 kiloWatt CHAdeMO DC fast charging stations.  It’s by Fuji America who is trying to portray their 25 kiloWatt CHAdeMO station in the best light possible.

The contention is that with regular electric cars – 24 kiloWatt-hour – the charging time at 25 kW is not much different from the 50 kW charging time.  Why?  It’s because the charging process quickly ramps down anyway.  Instead of the charging process taking twice as long, it only takes a few minutes longer.

Further, because it runs at a lower power level the charging station owner is not socked with demand charge fees.  And to make it even more attractive, the station costs less money, and installation costs are lower because the of smaller electrical requirements and the equipment itself is smaller and light weight.

Download (PDF, 17KB)

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