Chinese DC Fast Charge system for high end electric vehicles

As if the battle between CHADEMO and the SAE J1772 committee weren’t bad enough for the cause of DC Fast Charging for electric cars – the Chinese have their own system being developed.

The following comes from:

Winston Battery is sort of the successor company to ThunderSky, except this will probably get someone from Sinopoly upset. I really don’t understand the problem between Winston Chung, ThunderSky, and Sinopoly, but do know that the ThunderSky name died along the way. Winston Battery is also closely associated with Balqon, the American company that makes Class 8 electric trucks (and smaller ones too). I’m told by Balqon engineers that they do not use CHADEMO fast charging stations, because that standard is not fast enough of a fast charge for their needs. Presumably Balqon is using the charging stations shown here.

This first picture shows the charging station. I can’t read the Chinese, presumably the English is a direct translation.

The capacity is shown to be 700 volts 1000 amps, which is a pretty darned high charge rate. It uses a CAN BUS communication with the battery pack and BMS on the vehicle. It has smart card support for billing and access control.

Winston Battery's fast charging system for huge scale electric vehicle battery packs

Winston Battery’s fast charging system for huge scale electric vehicle battery packs

The second image shows a bus, connected to the charging station, with a large battery pack. The text reads

Solar and wind energies are used to charge energy-storage type batteries in electric valley time. Under energy storage power set at 30,000 kilowatt-hours in each of the charging stations, 100 large passenger buses or taxi’s (both electrically powered) are charged.

Interpolating what this says – it means that an grid energy storage unit with 30 megawatt-hours capacity is charged overnight. The phrase “electric valley time” would refer to the night-time when electricity demand is low, and electricity cost is incredibly cheap. During the day the grid energy storage unit would be used to charge vehicles at high charge rates.

Winston Battery, electric bus with fast charging

Winston Battery, electric bus with fast charging



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