David Herron is a writer and software engineer living in Silicon Valley. He primarily writes about electric vehicles, clean energy systems, climate change, peak oil and related issues. When not writing he indulges in software projects and is sometimes employed as a software engineer. David has written for sites like PlugInCars and TorqueNews, and worked for companies like Sun Microsystems and Yahoo.

Daimler to stop developing internal combustion engines

In the 1880’s Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler, who was co-founder of the Daimler Motor Group, parent company of several important automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz and Smart, developed several engine designs. The company he founded is now one of largest automakers in the world, and its reputation rests soundly on high quality…

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Our society is living on borrowed ancient sunlight

The fossil fuel companies have given us an abundance of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuel products, that after 100+ years our society is rather confused. We think these fuels are endless, and there’s no obvious direct impact (other than slightly stinky exhaust). Therefore we…

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