About the Long Tail Pipe

The Long Tail Pipe is a blog intended to focus on the full life-cycle effects of the transportation system, and the need to fundamentally change the system.  The full transportation life-cycle is usually ignored, and covers effects such as the oil rigs extracting oil from the ground, and the effect of driving a gasoline powered car.  In other words, the sum of all the effects from the point of extraction to the point of use in the car.  A particularly bothersome issue is that electric cars are often dismissed as being “coal powered” while gasoline powered cars do not get the same depth of analysis.

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The oil business is extremely dirty.  Why should gasoline car owners get off with no scrutiny of the source of their fuel, and electric car owners are put under the microscope?

How do we choose the best transportation system if we’re not properly evaluating the system?

The blog is the work of David Herron.  He is a former software engineer in Silicon Valley who has developed a passion for the need to transform the transportation system and ending the use of fossil fuels.

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He has written for automotive news sites such as PlugInCars.com and TorqueNews.com, and ChargedEV’s Magazine.

http://greentransportation.info – A wiki upon which David is collecting data and information about the transportation system.

Praise for David Herron

David Herron is one of the best writers on this subject. Thanks for
taking a very mundane and complicated subject and explaining it in terms
most can grasp.
— Paul Scott, commenting on Electric car owners to pay $1/gallon equivalent under PG&E electricity rate proposal

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