Available Plug-in Electric Vehicles (BEV, PHEV) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars
BMW2014 BMW i3 Specifications

2013 BMW i3: Media Kit & Specifications, Pictures

81 miles3-4 Hours

Optional gasoline range extension

BMW i3 P90136114_lowRes
Kia2016 Soul EV: PicturesFeatures & Options, Pricing – MSRP, Specifications93 miles3-4 Hours via Level 2

30 minutes 80% recharge on fast charging

Kia Soul EV2016 Soul EV
Nissan2016 Nissan Leaf: Pictures, Press Kit, SpecificationsNissan LeafFor the 2016 model year, LEAF adds a number of significant enhancements - beginning with a new 30 kWh battery for LEAF SV and LEAF SL models that delivers an EPA-estimated driving range of 107 miles* on a fully charged battery. The range of a LEAF S model is 84 miles, giving buyers a choice in affordability and range.
Plug-in Hybrid Cars
Audi2016 Sportback E-TronPicturesMore Pictures, Specifications & Media Kit17 miles2-3 Hours

Or, gasoline

Audi A3 E-Tron news-2016-audi-a3-etron-exterior-010-1000
Chevy2016 Volt
Hyundai2016 Sonata PHEV
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Honda2016 Clarity Fuel Cell
Concept Cars
Audie-tron quattro all electric SUV
NissanIDS Self Driving Car
Electric Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles2016 model line, S, DS, SR, DSR, FX, FXS, etc
Electric Bicycles
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