The BRUSA NLG6 AC Fast Charger for electric cars

The BRUSA NLG6 is a dual mode charger for electric cars that supports 3.3 kilowatt single phase AC or 22 kilowatt three phase AC charging. The latter mode is what allows BRUSA to call it a “Fast Charger”. The unit is small enough to be installed on-board an electric car, which means electric cars can receive fast charging without requiring a hugemongous external DC Charger. But it does mean having access to three phase AC and in the U.S. that’s an uncommon form of service.

The unit is 19.84 inches long, 13.85 inches wide, and 3.3 inches tall.

There are two models, the NLG664 and NLG665.

AC Input Single Phase ranges from 200-250 VAC, and three phase ranges from 360-440 VAC. Max current on single phase is 16 amps for 3 kilowatts. On three phase it’s 32 amps for 20 kilowatts. Full specs at

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BRUSA Introduces First 22-kW On-Board Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles  (September 2012) Suggests that a major European automaker will introduce an electric car using this charger by the end of 2012.  Renault’s 43 kilowatt fast charge system for ZOE and other electric cars was introduced before the end of 2012, but it’s three phase charger supports a 43 kilowatt rate not 22 kilowatt.  Renault did not use two of these chargers.  Instead, Renault used the AC motor windings as part of the fast charging circuit.

The TBD [[[ Smart fortwo Electric Drive with AC Fast Charging ]]] does supports a 22 kilowatt 3 phase AC fast charge. It is almost certainly using this BRUSA charger.

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